1.1.8 changelog proposal

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The following vulnerabilities have been patched:

Resolved issues

Commit Severity Title Contributor
Bug #361 Enhancement LZO compression option for OpenVPN Alex Harpin
Bug #360 Enhancement Keepalive option for OpenVPN tunnels Alex Harpin
Bug #190 Enhancement User/password auth for OpenVPN Daniil Baturin
Bug #346 Enhancement Source address option for netflow packets Nikolay Krasnoyarski
Bug #325 Enhancement nfprobe_maxflow (maximum concurrent flows) option for NetFlow Daniil Baturin/Ray Soucy
Bug #139 Enhancement pipe_size (buffer size) option for NetFlow Daniil Baturin/Ray Soucy
Bug #346 Enhancement Ability to set netflow source address to an IPv6 address Alex Harpin
Bug #139 Enhancement disable-imt option for pmacct Alex Harpin
Bug #139 Minor Make sure NetFlow buffer size is a multiple of pipe size Alex Harpin
[1] Enhancement Commands for ethernet offload options Jason Hendry
[2] Enhancement Command for the net.ipv4.ipfrag_time option Jason Hendry
[3] Enhancement Commands for setting custom sysctl options Jason Hendry
[] Enhancement Commands for setting the net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships option Jason Hendry
Bug #391 Enhancement Expose the "all" syslog level in the CLI Jason Hendry
Bug #416 Major Support for "remote" attribute of VXLAN tunnels upa
Bug #467 Minor ToS inherit didn't work for tunnels Kim Hagen
Bug #455 Enhancement Enable DDNS to work from behind NAT Alex Harpin
Bug #385 Enhancement QoS mapping options for VLAN interfaces kouak
Bug #519 Enhancement client-id option for DHCPv6 kouak
Bug #106 Major Ensure GRUB is installed on all RAID members Alex Harpin
Bug #410 Enhancement An option for ARP cache timeout Daniil Baturin
Bug #526 Enhancement Commands for interface scatter/gather options Alex Harpin
Bug #495 Major Enable USB autosuspend to prevent high CPU usage on KVM Alex Harpin
Bug #568 Minor VTI interfaces do not come back after tunnel reset Alex Harpin
Bug #384 Enhancement Add route-map support for 'as-path exclude' Kevin Blackham
T275 Enhancement Expose as-override option in bgpd in vyos Logan Attwood, Panagiotis Moustafellos
Bug #243 Major Cluster may fail to load is links get up too slowly Alex Harpin
T198 Minor l2tpv3 instance not reconfigured when changing tunnel-id and session-id parameters Thomas Courbon
T199 Minor Allow creating bridged openvpn servers without specifying subnet Daniil Baturin, Thomas Courbon
T87 Minor Incomplete configuration load on boot when BGP update-source is used with non-permanent interfaces Daniil Baturin
T423 Trivial Enable completion for uncommited IKE and ESP groups Daniil Baturin
T431 Minor Protocol negation in NAT rules has opposite effect Ildar Ibragimov
T428 Critical Amazon EC2 instances do not fetch SSH keys, rendering them inaccessible Daniil Baturin
T444 Trivial Deleting an L2TPv3 interface throws an iproute2 error message Daniil Baturin
T426 Trivial CVE-2017-13077 - Update wpa_supplicant Kim Hagen