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1.2.0 is (going to be) the first VyOS release based on Debian Jessie. Cleaning up the legacy that kept VyOS from working on newer systems properly took a lot of work, but thanks to the efforts of Kim Hagen, Alex Harpin, and Tom Jepp, it has been done.


Base system

  • The base system is now, as said before, Debian Jessie
  • Hypervisor detection has been reworked, based on hvinfo that is cross-platform and supports more hypervisors (e.g. bhyve)
  • Updated packages:

Config backend


User-defined commits hook can now be stored in /config directory so that they survive reboots (/config/scripts/commit/pre-hooks.d and /config/scripts/commit/post-hooks.d, respectively). They automatically run with vyattacfg GID to avoid issues with permissions.

Multiple issues related to leftover data from UnionFS-FUSE mounts were resolved.

Config scripts can now be written in Python via a wrapper library.

Resolved issues

Bug/task ID Severity Title Contributor
Bug #403 Major .unionfs dir is left after commit, owned by the commiting user, which prevents other users from making commits ("failed to generate committed config") Alex Harpin
Bug #130 Minor Incorrect description display for VRRP interfaces Alex Harpin
Bug #35, Bug #488 Make is_primary_address() and get_ipaddr_int_hash() work with OpenVPN interfaces Alex Harpin
Bug #538 Enhancement Allow user-defined pre and post commit hooks stored in /config Daniil Baturin
Bug #509 Trivial Fix formatting of the "merge" command help Alex Harpin
Bug #564 Major Clean up unused unionfs mounts left after unclean session exits Alex Harpin
Bug #593 Major Fix config parser support for \-escaped double quotes Alex Harpin
Bug #584 Enhancement Add support for SFTP as copy and commit-archive destination Leon Meßner

System services


  • Support for new dynamic DNS providers, namely no-ip.com and afraid.org