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[[Category: User documentation]]
[[Category: User documentation]]
[[Category: High Availabilty]]
[[Category: High Availability]]

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The cluster feature allows 2 vyos routers to share IP adresses and various services.

It is more powerfull than VRRP as one can have a service linked to an IP adresse on cluster members. For exemple, you can't have vpn service shared on 2 hosts using VRRP as tunnel won't come up when a failover occurs.

Configuration commands

   dead-interval <int> # Interval after which a node is considered dead after missing heartbeats (milliseconds)
   keepalive-interval <int> # Time interval between heartbeat packets (milliseconds)
   mcast-group <x.x.x.x> # Multicast group for sending/receiving heartbeat packets
   monitor-dead-interval # Interval after which a monitor node is considered dead (milliseconds)
   pre-shared-secret <text> # Pre-shared secret for authentication between cluster nodes [REQUIRED]
   interface <text> # Interface(s) for sending/receiving heartbeat packets [REQUIRED]
   group <text>
      auto-failback <boolean> # Fail back to primary node if it recovers from failure
      primary <text> # Host name of the primary node [REQUIRED]
      secondary <text> # Host name(s) of the secondary node(s) [REQUIRED]
      monitor <x.x.x.x> # IP address(es) for monitoring connectivity
      service # IP address(es) or service name(s) in this resource group [REQUIRED]
         <x.x.x.x/cidr/interface name> # IP address (with subnet mask length and interface) to be clustered
         <service name> # Name of system service to be clustered