Howto build VyOS 1.2 ISO image and VMWare .OVF

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Please Note This is a work in progress. Expect to be completed by 3 July 2017

Executive Summary

This HowTo describes how to build VyOS 1.2 from source.

I am a long time fan of VyOS. I was an early adopter of Vyatta. I have been stymied by the current VyOS 1.1.x builds specifically that it has been build on Debian 6, which has limited my ability to deploy it as widely as I would like. I started looking at VyOS 1.2. Building VyOS 1.2 has a lot of little "bits" and while these are documented in the various readme files I did not find the process as easy and streamlined as possible. so I created this document.

This HowTo assumes you are familiar with installing Linux and are comfortable working in a command line.

- max1e6

20,000 Foot Overview

  1. Create VyOS build machine
  2. Download and install prerequisite software
  3. Build ISO image
  4. Build qemu image
  5. Build vmware image

Create and Basic Build Machine Setup

  1. Download Debian 8 "jesse" (
  2. Install Debian either on a dedicated machine or as a virtual machines.

Once the build machine is created install sudo, open-vm-tools (if running in a VMWare virtual machine, which is not strictly necessary and it makes life a bit easier) and your preferred text editor. Aside: There are two types of Unix heads in the world...those that use vi and those that use emacs. I am in the latter camp. To quote my college friend Steph Baily, "One should know vi well enough to compile and run emacs."

NOTE: The following commands should be run as root.

apt-get install sudo
apt-get install open-vm-tools
apt-get install emacs

Install Required Software

When I was going through the process of building VyOS 1.2 I discovered that there are a lot of little "bits" of software needed to compile and build the ISO, qemu and VMWare files. This is covered in the readme file associated with the VyOS 1.2 source, but many details were not so easy to follow, so I thought I would create this doc.

sudo apt-get install git autoconf automake dpkg-dev syslinux genisoimage qemu jq libz-dev zip python3 live-build pbuilder devscripts python3-pystache

Download & Install Packer

Download & Compile VMWare open-vmdk

Download & Install VMWare ovftool

Download VyOS Source

Generate Private Key

Build VyOS