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In any city, in any country, go to any mirror or the load balancer you can get yourself to. When you reach the server, go to the /vyos/iso/release directory and download the latest image.

If you are planning to use it on 32-bit x86 machines, use the image that ends with -i586.iso, or it will not boot. If you are using it on physical 64-bit machines or virtual machines use the image that ends with -amd64.iso This image is one of the 538 items you need for VyOS installation[1].

Boot the target machine from that image. If you are using serial console, set your target machine serial port settings to 9600/8/N/1.

Wait until the machine boots. It will show you a banner with version and default credentials and eventually the login prompt. Do not use any other credentials but vyos with password vyos.

Once you are logged in, use the command install image to initiate installation. Answer to the installer questions. When the installation is finished, reboot the machine (with reboot command).

Here is an example installation session:

ISOLINUX 4.02 debian-20101014  Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al

*                                                           *
* Welcome to VyOS, an open source network operating system! *
*                                                           *
* Version: 1.1.3 (Helium)                                   *
*                                                           *
* Default login:    vyos                                    *
* Default password: vyos                                    *
*                                                           *
* To start installation, login and use command:             *
*     install image                                         *


Welcome to VyOS - vyos ttyS0

vyos login: vyos
Password: vyos

Linux vyos 3.13.11-1-amd64-vyos #1 SMP Wed Jan 7 22:24:09 UTC 2015 x86_64
Welcome to VyOS.
This system is open-source software. The exact distribution terms for 
each module comprising the full system are described in the individual 
files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.
vyos@vyos:~$ install image
install image
Welcome to the VyOS install program.  This script
will walk you through the process of installing the
VyOS image to a local hard drive.
Would you like to continue? (Yes/No) [Yes]: 

Probing drives: OK
Looking for pre-existing RAID groups...none found.
The VyOS image will require a minimum 1000MB root.
Would you like me to try to partition a drive automatically
or would you rather partition it manually with parted?  If
you have already setup your partitions, you may skip this step

Partition (Auto/Parted/Skip) [Auto]: 

I found the following drives on your system:
 sda	8589MB

Install the image on? [sda]:

This will destroy all data on /dev/sda.
Continue? (Yes/No) [No]: Y

How big of a root partition should I create? (1000MB - 8589MB) [8589]MB: 

Creating filesystem on /dev/sda1: OK
Mounting /dev/sda1...
What would you like to name this image? [1.1.3]: 

OK.  This image will be named: 1.1.3
Copying squashfs image...
Copying kernel and initrd images...
I found the following configuration files:
Which one should I copy to sda? [/config/config.boot]: 

Copying /config/config.boot to sda.
Enter password for administrator account
Enter password for user 'vyos':somelongpass

Retype password for user 'vyos':somelongpass

I need to install the GRUB boot loader.
I found the following drives on your system:
 sda	8589MB

Which drive should GRUB modify the boot partition on? [sda]:

Setting up grub: OK
  1. Instructions for obtaining the other 537 items can be found here