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Usage guidelines

VyOS logos are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0. This means you cannot use them for commercial purposes without our permission.

Free software and right to fork is one thing, but project integrity is another. We find non-commercial licenses off-putting ourselves, but there is no easy way to allow "good" use and disallow "bad" use, other than writing a very detailed license in legalese that no one will bother to read.

We did it to prevent objectionable use such as selling network appliances or fetish wear with VyOS logo with intention to mislead people and make them think it's approved by VyOS maintainers. If you have any doubts, ask the maintainers (maintainers@vyos.net).

For non-commercial use, such as printing t-shirts and stickers for yourself and your user group, you don't need to ask anyone.

For any use, we'd like you to follow these rules to ensure that image remains recognizable:

  • Do not change the colors. Grayscale renditions are fine, different shade of orange that works better with your design may be fine too, but don't swap orange for magenta.
  • Do not change the proportions. If the "full" logo doesn't fit, use the "half" version.
  • If you display it on a website, make the image a hyperlink to http://www.vyos.net

The files

Here are the VyOS logos:

Raster (PNG) versions

Vyos logo full.png

Vyos logo half.png

Vector (SVG) version

Note: SVG display in MediaWiki is broken somehow. Also, the file doesn't have the font embedded. The typeface our logo uses is called Quercus, install it before editing.

Vyos logo.svg