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VyOS is meant to support multiple package mirrors.

Primary server

Address Location Maintainer Hoster
http://packages.vyos.net UK VyOS maintainers OpenITC

Load balancer

mirror.vyos.net redirects requests to a randomly chosen mirror. The path is preserved, e.g. http://mirror.vyos.net/example.iso would be redirected to e.g. http://ftp.example.com/software/vyos/example.iso

Inclusion criteria

If you want your mirror to be added to the load balancer, contact VyOS maintainers, provided the following criteria are met:

  • Reasonable reliability (read: does not go down for many hours unexpectedly).
  • Automated synchronization, preferrably via rsync.
  • Synchronization interval no longer than one day.
  • Responsive maintainer.


Address IPv6 TLS Location Maintainer Hoster
North America
http://vyos.hecint.com/ Canada (Toronto, ON) Itamar Croitoru
http://mirror.sliqua.com/vyos/ USA (Ashburn, VA) Alexander McMillen Sliqua Enterprise Hosting
http://0.us.mirrors.vyos.net/vyos USA (West Coast) Danny ter Haar Fromport
https://mirror.tuxhelp.org/vyos/ Y Y USA (Los Angeles) Chris Wadge TuxHelp.org
http://mirror.as62588.net/vyos/ Y USA (Michigan) Seamus Caveney anyNode
http://mirrors.maine.edu/vyos Y USA (East Coast) Kerry Anderson University of Maine System
http://ftp.tsukuba.wide.ad.jp/software/vyos/ Y Tsukuba, Japan Kohei TAKAHASHI WIDE Project
http://0.se.mirrors.vyos.net Y Sweden Alexander Normann Adminor
http://0.bg.mirrors.vyos.net Bulgaria Hristo Bogdanov
http://0.ua.mirrors.vyos.net Kiev, Ukraine Alexey Blinkov
http://mirrors.mediactivity.net/vyos/ Belgium Mickael Monsieur Mediactivity Telecom
http://vyos.uv.es Y Spain Toni Cunyat http://www.uv.es University of Valencia
http://0.de.mirrors.vyos.net Germany Nick Altmann
http://mirror.easyspeedy.com/vyos/ Y Denmark (Copenhagen) Kenneth Oestrup EasySpeedy
http://vyos-mirror.per.webinabox.net.au Y Australia Shane Short
http://vyos.mirror.solnode.io Y Australia (Sydney) Ben Babich SolNode Cloud Services

Create your own

Rsync is the preferred mirroring tool. Put something like this in a cron.daily script:

rsync -avzh  --delete  rsync://packages.vyos.net/vyos ${target directory} > /var/log/vyos-rsync-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.log

Don't forget to make it executable with, assuming you named it /etc/cron.daily/vyos-sync:

chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/vyos-sync

The alternative is to add a line to crontab manually (assuming you named your script /usr/local/bin/vyos-sync):

30 4 * * * /usr/local/bin/vyos-sync > /dev/null 2>&1

WARNING: "--delete" is required for proper operation (it tells rsync to delete files if they are deleted from the remote server, which is important for package repos), but if you have any data in the directory, it will be removed too. Make sure the target directory is empty or doesn't contain any valuable data before running it.