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This is meant to start some discussion about directions for the project. At the moment it's just my ideas. Paulgear (talk) 18:13, 17 October 2013 (NOVT)


The Debian Social Contract should be the foundation of our efforts. Brocade (and Vyatta before the acquisition) have already over-represented the corporate interests (see What's wrong with Vyatta for more info). VyOS needs to be about the users and remaining free (points 1 and 4 of the DSC).


  1. Provide Vyatta Core users with a viable continuation of the project, including more timely security updates.
  2. Maintain stronger ties with upstreams, particularly Debian and Quagga.
  3. Make some progress on the simple bugs that have been vexing Vyatta users for a while.

Technical goals

  1. Make it possible to use Debian repositories as update sources, especially stable - so as to take advantage of their security updates. For packages that don't require customisation, there should be no reason not to use the Debian repositories directly.
  2. We probably should follow something similar to Debian's release structure:
    • Stable: tracks Debian stable as much as possible and probably stays on oldstable for some time after a stable release.
    • Stable + backports: tracks Debian stable plus the latest upstream release of selected important packages (e.g. Quagga).
    • Unstable: tracks the latest packages from autobuild hosts. Periodic (somewhere between weekly & monthly?) ISOs built from this release for those who like to find bugs.
  3. We need to get a copy of Vyatta's bugzilla if possible so that we can start working through them and getting the bugs that are important to the community fixed.

Roadmap thoughts

Early days

  1. Decouple build infrastructure from Vyatta:
    • Get all packages rebuilding automatically from github repos.
    • Create our own binary repository.
    • Produce periodic ISO builds.

Near future

  1. Update build infrastructure & OS core from Debian squeeze to wheezy.
    • Produce new stable release based on wheezy.

Future possibilities

  • Provide infrastructure for those who want to support the project to get paid support or enhancements.