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VyOS release includes the following steps:


  1. Find all bugs with target milestone set to target release, check them, and set resolution to RESOLVED.
  2. Check changes that do not have associated bug. Create bugs for them and test them.
  3. Export RESOLVED bugs and prepare changelog.

Source code

  1. Update version in build-iso/livecd/templates/community/version
  2. Update version in build-iso/livecd/config.vyatta/binary_local-includes/isolinux/boot.txt
  3. Tag all submodules with "vyos-release/$release_version" tag.


  1. Build release images for each flavour.
  2. Upload images to the web servers.
  3. Wait for all mirrors to synchronize.

Release build is selected with "--with-release-build" configure script option.

autoreconf -i
./configure --with-release-build
sudo make iso

# 32-bit virt image
./configure --with-release-build --with-kernel-flavor=i586-vyatta-virt # i586-vyos-virt for post-hydrogen releases

At this point it simply tells it to use "VyOS $release_version" version string instead of 999.$branch.$build_time.


  1. Write a release notes page (named "$release_version changhelog"). It should include overview, installation/upgrade notes (if any), and list of fixed bugs (exported from the bugtracker).
  2. Brag about the release everywhere.