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Operation mode

Operational commands under `show`

 arp           Show Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) information
 bridge        Show bridging information
 cluster       Show clustering information
 configuration Show running configuration
 conntrack     Show conntrack entries in the conntrack table
               Show connection syncing information
 date          Show system date and time
 dhcp          Show Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) information
 dhcpv6        Show status related to DHCPv6
 disk          Show status of disk device
 dns           Show Domain Name Server (DNS) information
 file          Show files for a particular image
 firewall      Show firewall information
               Show flow accounting statistics
 hardware      Show system hardware details
 history       show command history
 host          Show host information
 incoming      Show ethernet input-policy information
 interfaces    Show network interface information
 ip            Show IPv4 routing information
 ipv6          Show IPv6 routing information
 license       Show VyOS license information
 lldp          Show lldp
 log           Show contents of current master log file
 login         Show current login credentials
 monitoring    Show currently monitored services
 nat           Show Network Address Translation (NAT) information
 nhrp          Show NHRP info
 ntp           Show peer status of network time daemon
 openvpn       Show OpenVPN information
 policy        Show policy information
 poweroff      Show scheduled poweroff
 pppoe-server  Show active PPPoE server sessions
 queueing      Show ethernet queueing information
 raid          Show status of RAID set
 reboot        Show scheduled reboot
 route-map     Show route-map information
 snmp          Show status of SNMP on localhost
 system        Show system information
 table         Show routing table
 tech-support  Show consolidated tech-support report
 users         Show user information
 version       Show VyOS version information
 vpn           Show Virtual Private Network (VPN) information
 vrrp          Show Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) information
               Show Wide Area Network (WAN) load-balancing information
 webproxy      Show webproxy information
 zone-policy   Show summary of zone policy for a specific zone

Command tree

Configuration mode

In configuration mode, `show` will return the configuration. If an argument is added, it will return the proper section.

Command tree