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First VyOS release was in December 2013.

VyOS uses so called semantic versioning for release version numbers that consists of three parts, <major>.<minor>.<patch>, where major increments on backwards-incompatible changes, minor increments on backwards-compatible changes, and patch increments on bugfixes.

Development branches are named after chemical elements sorted by atomic number. Branch name is included in the version spec, like "1.0.2 (hydrogen)".

VyOS active branches:

Version First release Latest release Status Code name Based on Kernel Notable changes
2.0 None None Currently in Design ? - Not set In progress. Design Stage. Proposed base OS - NixOS
1.3 None None Current alpha Beryllium Lithium Not set In progress. Last release based on Debian 9.0 Stretch LTS.
1.2 None None Current nightly/development Lithium Helium Not set In progress. Last release based on Debian 8.0 Jessie LTS.
1.1 1.1.0

2014 Oct 10


2017 Nov 11

Current stable Helium Hydrogen 3.13.11 L2TPv3, Dummy interfaces, QinQ, Event handler, IGMP proxy.

Experimental: DMVPN, VXLAN. Based on: Debian 6.0 Squeeze LTS (EOL).

1.0 1.0.0

2013 Dec 22


2014 Sep 26

Old stable Hydrogen Daisy 3.3.8 First release from Vyatta Core 6.6 fork. Command scripting,

task scheduler, web proxy LDAP authentication, numerous bug fixes.