Wireless Interfaces

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Certain Wireless Devices (TODO: Add list of supported devices) are configurable via VyOS. If your device is configurable, it will appear as a 'wlan' device in 'show interfaces'

vyos@example.com:~$ show interfaces
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface        IP Address                        S/L  Description
---------        ----------                        ---  -----------
eth0                        u/u
eth1             -                                 u/D
eth2             -                                 u/D
eth3                         u/u
eth3.20          -                                 u/u
eth3.30                   u/u
eth3.40                      u/u
eth3.60                      u/u
eth3.100                   u/u
lo                            u/u
pppoe0                          u/u
wlan0            -                                 u/u

You can configure these interfaces under 'set interface wireless'. An example configuration as an access point is below.

wireless wlan0 {
    channel 1
    mode g
    security {
        wpa {
            mode wpa2
            passphrase "Your WPA Password Goes Here"
    ssid "Your SSID Goes Here"
    type access-point

Note that hw-id and physical-device will be automatically propagated and do not need to be configured.

You should also set up a DHCP server to work with that network

shared-network-name wifi {
    authoritative enable
    subnet {
        lease 86400
        start {