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What is VyOS?

VyOS carries on where Vyatta left off. Created and maintained by volunteers; skilled engineers, developers and passionate community members.

Development Team

Lead Developers

<dmbaturin>[1] Daniil M. Baturin [2]

Project Managers

<dmbaturin>[3] Daniil M. Baturin [4]

Release Managers

<dmbaturin>[5] Daniil M. Baturin [6]

Community Managers

<higebu>[7]: Japanese Community[8]



<kimosabe123> Kim Hagen, Mikhail Vasiliev, Stig Thormodsrud, Martin Willi, Tom Martinson, John Southworth, <hydrajump>, <higebu>[9]


<rps> Ray Soucy, Mickvav, Abdelouahed, ‎<firemouth> Firemouth, Hiroysato, ‎Tshoji0120, ‎Borutmrak, <mrjester> Mrjester, Smellis, ‎Elbuit, Andernadal, Svtkachenko, Tmartinson


<mrjester> Mrjester, ‎<firemouth> Firemouth, Trickv, Abdelouahed, Scv, Mickvav, ‎Paulgear, Hiroysato, <higebu>[10], Amiel, ‎Tshoji0120, ‎Borutmrak, Smellis, ‎Elbuit, Andernadal, ‎Ewaldvg, ‎Fromport, Scramatte, ‎Mickaelmonsieur, Svtkachenko, Tomvoss, Geraintjones, Amcmillen, ‎Tmartinson





Volunteers Required

Anyone like Documentation? Additions, Improvements welcome! [11]

Want to be on the Development Team? Speak to one of the Project Managers!

Contribution in all areas required. Contributors should add their name to the sections above.