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Complete tree of CLI commands.

Operational mode

 add          Add an object to a service
 clear        Clear system information
 clone        Clone an object
 configure    Enter configure mode
 connect      Establish a connection
 copy         Copy an object
 delete       Delete an object
 disconnect   Take down a connection
 force        Force an operation
 format       Format a device
 generate     Generate an object
 install      Install a new system
 monitor      Monitor system information
 ping         Send IPv4 or IPv6 ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo requests
 poweroff     Poweroff the system
 reboot       Reboot the system
 release      Release specified variable
 rename       Rename an object
 renew        Renew specified variable
 reset        Reset a service
 restart      Restart a service
 set          Set operational options
 show         Show system information
 telnet       Telnet to a node
 traceroute   Track network path to node
 update       Update data for a service

Configuration mode

 confirm       Confirm prior commit-confirm
 comment       Add comment to this configuration element
 commit        Commit the current set of changes
               Commit the current set of changes with 'confirm' required
 compare       Compare configuration revisions
 copy          Copy a configuration element
 delete        Delete a configuration element
 discard       Discard uncommitted changes
 edit          Edit a sub-element
 exit          Exit from this configuration level
 load          Load configuration from a file and replace running configuration
 loadkey       Load user SSH key from a file
 merge         Load configuration from a file and merge running configuration
 rename        Rename a configuration element
 rollback      Rollback to a prior config revision (requires reboot)
 run           Run an operational-mode command
 save          Save configuration to a file
 set           Set the value of a parameter or create a new element
 show          Show the configuration (default values may be suppressed)
 top           Goes back to the top-most configuration level
 up            Goes back one configuration level higher