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VyOS has built-in config archiving and versionin that renders tools like rancid largely unnecessary.

This feature was available in Vyatta Core since 6.3.

Local archive and revisions

VyOS stores revision on disk, you can view them, compare them, and rollback to previous revisions if anything goes wrong.

To view existing revisions, use "show system commit" operational mode command.

vyos@vyos-test-2# run show system commit 
0   2015-03-30 08:53:03 by vyos via cli
1   2015-03-30 08:52:20 by vyos via cli
2   2015-03-26 21:26:01 by root via boot-config-loader
3   2015-03-26 20:43:18 by root via boot-config-loader
4   2015-03-25 11:06:14 by root via boot-config-loader
5   2015-03-25 01:04:28 by root via boot-config-loader
6   2015-03-25 00:16:47 by vyos via cli
7   2015-03-24 23:43:45 by root via boot-config-loader

You can compare revisions with "compare X Y" command where X and Y are revision numbers.

vyos@vyos-test-2# compare 0 6
[edit interfaces]
+dummy dum1 {
+    address
[edit interfaces ethernet eth0]
+vif 99 {
+    address
-vif 900 {
-    address

You can rollback to a previous revision with "rollback X", where X is a revision number. Your system will reboot and load the config from the archive.

Configuring the archive size

You can specify the number of revisions stored on disk with "set system config-management commit-revisions X", where X is a number between 0 and 65535. When the number of revisions exceeds that number, the oldest revision is removed.

Remote archive

VyOS can copy the config to a remote location after each commit. TFTP, FTP, and SFTP servers are supported.

You can specify the location with "set system config-management commit-archive location URL" command, e.g. "set system config-management commit-archive location tftp://".