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Hydrogen is the first major release of VyOS. The version number for Hydrogen is 1.0.

  • VyOS 1.0.1 was released 2014-01-17. maintenance/bug fix release
  • VyOS 1.0.0 was released 2013-12-22.
  • VyOS 1.0.0 Release Notes


First release after fork of Vyatta.

Primary objectives

  • Get build/web/release infrastructure in order, establish development, QA, and release procedures.
  • VC 6.6 users should be able to upgrade as smoothly as possible.
  • Fix some longstanding and annoying bugs.
  • Integrate existing patches.


Task priorities:

Priority Meaning
0 Absolute requirement, blocks release if not ready
1 Highly desirable, better not to move to next release
2 Desirable, but can be moved to next release
999 Best effort

Task Priority Assignee Comments
Package and image autobuild 0 Done
BGP peergroup bug (Bug #58). 0 Done
DHCPv6 relay bug (Bug #62). 0 Done
Remove dependencies on Sablotron 0 Done