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Vyatta is the system VyOS and EdgeOS were forked from.

Vyatta name is pronounced as "vee-at-ah" and comes from the Sanskrit word for "open"[1].

Vyatta used to have two editions, VC (Vyatta Community, then renamed to Vyatta Core) with only open source components; and VSE (Vyatta Subscription Edition) with proprietary additions only available for paying customers.

After Brocade acquisition the product is known as Brocade Vyatta vRouter.

Timeline of Vyatta

Date Event
2005 Company founded[2]. Originally under RouteLogic name, although no evidences of it left apparently. This is why the base init script is called rl-system.
Spring 2006 First versions of the product released under Vyatta OFR (Open Flexible Router) name[3]. OFR is a pun on the development codename of Cisco GSR 12000, BFR (Big F-cking Router)[4].
Summer 2006 Vyatta Subscription Edition introduced, starting at $500/year[5].
Early 2007 The OFR part disappears from the name[6].
Spring 2008 VC4 released[7]. It's the first release with Quagga instead of XORP and the new CLI then-named FusionCLI[8]. The one with node.def's and Vyatta::Config[9].
Spring 2008 The original Community Wiki disabled[10], vyatta.org website created to replace it[11].
Spring 2010 VC6.0 released[12]. Since that release VSE became a superset of VC rather than separate development branch. Binary install was introduced, serial WAN interfaces made VSE-only. "Vyatta Community Edition" name is changed to "Vyatta Core". Also, the first and final release that had public alphas and betas.
Spring 2011 Some Vyatta developers join Ubiquiti Networks to work on EdgeOS.
Summer 2011 VC6.3 released. The original web GUI removed and replaced with proprietary implementation available only in VSE[13]. Development focus shifts to VSE. All the open source networking rhetoric disappears from the websites and press releases[14].
November 2012 Vyatta inc. acquired by Brocade.
Summer 2013 Hackers forum removed without any explanation[15]. Public git repos are not updated anymore[16].
Fall 2013 VyOS project started with forking VC6.6 code.
Winter 2013 vyatta.com website is replaced with redirect to Brocade vRouter section[17].
Summer 2014 vyatta.org website is removed with all its contents (including all forum posts) and replaced with a redirect to Brocade community forum[18]
Fall 2014 The machine that hosts bugzilla.vyatta.com and git.vyatta.com goes down without a warning and never comes back[19].
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