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Draft stamp.png This design document is a draft, it may change very often.
Please do not implement or rely on it until it's agreed upon, join the discussion instead.

vyconf will be the new VyOS configuration framework.

Overall architecture

  • vyconfd—the daemon that keeps the running config and provides API for config read and write operations.
  • vbash—system shell for interactive sessions.


vyconfd performs several functions:

  • Loads the config schema and system config from files.
  • Keeps the running config and proposed confgs, along with session information.
  • Keeps the config schema that defines acceptable config node paths and values.
  • Updates system configuration on commit.

System config file is the file that holds the system configuration.

Running config is an in-memory data structure that keeps the system config information.

Config schema is an in-memory data structure that holds information about acceptable config paths and values, and is used to verify path and value passed as arguments in config write calls.

Config session is a tuple of session identifier, proposed config, and session metadata.